Dear Yuletide Writer..

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thank you for taking the time to do this. :-)  I had
lots of fun doing Yuletide last year, so have decided to
repeat the mad rush this year!

Optional details are optional, of course, but here is a
brief overview of what I like to read (and what at I don't

Fandom kinkmemes have immunised me to most things these
days, but I do still have an aversion to non-con or fics
involving cheating at all.

Other than that, I like character-driven pieces, with a
little bit of angst and a happy ending. I usually read m/m
or f/f, but that isn't all I read.

If there's a relationship involved I prefer fics focusing
on the development of the relationship rather than a
previously established relationship.

More specifically I love awkward-courtship style fics, or
anything involving misunderstandings and/or
friends-to-lovers and the difficulties in navigating that
particular road. Additionally sarcastic banter and use of
video games mechanics are always a bonus!

Generally I tend to write what I like to read too, so if
you're interested then I can be found on AO3 under this
name, or on dreamwidth under the_morningstar616.

And please don't worry if none of my ideas fit with any of
your own - I'd rather read the fic you want to write,
rather than something you wrote because it fitted my prompt
better! :-) 

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Finally thank you for taking the time to do this. :-) please
don't worry if nothing in here strikes you. I love
reading almost anything, and anything with any of these
characters will be fantastic. 
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Dear Not_primetime writer

First of all thank you for writing for me! This is only my second big fic exchange, so I'm still getting used to everything, Yuletide was such fun I decided to do the same again!

I'll try and provide a quick run through of what I like and what I don't, though as ever optional details are optional - I've selected 'All characters' for most, if not all my fandoms, and so will be happy with pretty much anything.

I tend to read mostly m/m or f/f pairings, but that's not to say that's all I read. I've found many fantastic het and gen fics too. As I'm sure I've noted elsewhere, my only real 'no-go's are Scat/ watersports and non-con - my fandom's kinkmemes have immunised me to pretty much everything else.

I love reading angsty fics, but with a happy ending. I prefer reading about developing relationships rather than established relationships (especially when there are awkward courtships, or misunderstandings involved for extra drama).

I tend to write what I like to read, so if you are interested then I can be found at AO3 under this username or on dreamwidth under the_morningstar616.

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Dear Yuletide Writer...

First of all, hi :-) and thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

This is my first year doing this challenge, so I hope this letter is helpful! I signed up at the last minute, so any details will be in here.
Generally I love slightly angsty fics with a happy ending. I love slash and f/f, but I'm happy with gen too. I like romance, and the lead up to a relationship, especially really awkward courtships. Other things which are good are; misunderstandings, use of video games mechanics, and sarcastic banter.

The only things which bother me are non-con or scat/watersports.

Also, I tend to write what I like to read too, so if you're interested I can be found on AO3 under this pen name or at dreamwidth as the_morningstar616. Eventually all my stuff will be on AO3, but I'm not quite that organised yet...

So, on to my fandoms:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please do bear in mind though that, while I've tried to give a clear idea of what I like, these are only guidelines. If you'd rather write something totally different then I'll still be over the moon with whatever you come up with! :-)
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Wow, I should really try and keep this more up to date.

I'm on and under the same name, but I plan to archive all my stuff here too.

Once I get over the slight stumbling block of not being able to finish anything that is!

Here goes nothing!

This is an older story of mine.
It's a Devil May Cry Fanfiction.

Pairings: Dante & Nero
Warnings: Not exactly canon (Kyrie isn't really Nero's sister), Swearing and sex.
Rating: M to be safe.
Summary: Nero leaves Fortuna to find Dante, who accepts him into Devil May Cry easily. Living together proves to be less easy for the two, however, who seem to misunderstand each other at every turn.

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