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Just a random drabble,inspired by the cutscene in DMC4 when Dante retrieves Yamato, in place of writing something more meaningful. No warnings.
DMC4 Dante, Vergil and Nero. No pairings.

The narrow stone walkway seemed even more precarious in the amber light which filled the cavern beneath Fortuna's opera house. On the platform, seemingly the source of the unholy colour, was the object Dante had come for. Yamato.
His brother's sword, thought lost to the netherworld, had surfaced in Fortuna, only coming to his attention when it fell into the grasp of a white-haired teen with an attitude problem.
Yamato would still have drawn his attention were it not the only thing to see in the empty hollow. Slim and elegant the sword was an instant reminder of his brother Vergil. The elder twin was calm and cultured, his grace belying just how truly dangerous he could be.
Dante's hand faltered as he reached for the sword, this was irrevocable. If he had ever needed confirmation that Vergil was no longer in the land of the living, the presence of his sword in Fortuna was proof positive his brother was dead.
And by his own hand too. Dante remembered all too well his final encounter with Nelo Angelo, the twisted incarnation of his twin.
The demon was not his brother though, however it might have seemed that way. During their years together and apart the two of them had fought many times, though never with the ferocity and ill intent he had sensed from Mundus' black angel. Their battles had been more show, their words intended to cut deeper than their swords. Despite Vergil's dispassionate nature and their unique brand of sibling rivalry neither twin had even intended to harm the other.
Dante's expression momentarily darkened as he remembered the last words he'd said to his twin, when Vergil was still his brother. "This has to stop Vergil, I have to end it even if it means killing you."
Though he hadn't meant it, had he? And Vergil had known, must have known, because he'd left, essentially taking away the possibility of Dante having to follow through with his threat.
And then the next time he'd seen him Vergil had been transformed, corrupted further than he'd thought possible for his cold, self-assured twin.
There was no one to notice his hesitation, though had there been it would perhaps still have gone unnoticed so brief was it.
Brushing away the flicker of emotion stirred by memories of his brother Dante grasped the hilt of Yamato and closed the hellgate. The blade felt icy to his touch, despite the heat in the cave. As he placed Yamato on his hip, subconsciously echoing Vergil, he felt a spark of energy and heard a familiar voice.
"Brother... I apologise. It was never intended to finish this way"
And it was not Vergil speaking to him, Dante knew, his brother was dead. The voice he heard was nothing more than an echo of Vergil's thoughts.
His cocky smirk momentarily replaced by a more wistful smile, Dante set off, comforted more than he would admit by the knowledge that he had been foremost in his brother's thoughts even after Vergil had left him so completely.
Now to save the kid, and return the sword to him. Yamato was not his weapon, unsuited to his fighting style, and a painful reminder of his loss. In contrast, Nero's style, precise and deadly, suited Yamato perfectly.
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