November 4th, 2012

Dear Yuletide Writer..

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thank you for taking the time to do this. :-)  I had
lots of fun doing Yuletide last year, so have decided to
repeat the mad rush this year!

Optional details are optional, of course, but here is a
brief overview of what I like to read (and what at I don't

Fandom kinkmemes have immunised me to most things these
days, but I do still have an aversion to non-con or fics
involving cheating at all.

Other than that, I like character-driven pieces, with a
little bit of angst and a happy ending. I usually read m/m
or f/f, but that isn't all I read.

If there's a relationship involved I prefer fics focusing
on the development of the relationship rather than a
previously established relationship.

More specifically I love awkward-courtship style fics, or
anything involving misunderstandings and/or
friends-to-lovers and the difficulties in navigating that
particular road. Additionally sarcastic banter and use of
video games mechanics are always a bonus!

Generally I tend to write what I like to read too, so if
you're interested then I can be found on AO3 under this
name, or on dreamwidth under the_morningstar616.

And please don't worry if none of my ideas fit with any of
your own - I'd rather read the fic you want to write,
rather than something you wrote because it fitted my prompt
better! :-) 

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Finally thank you for taking the time to do this. :-) please
don't worry if nothing in here strikes you. I love
reading almost anything, and anything with any of these
characters will be fantastic. 
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