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Dear Not_primetime writer

First of all thank you for writing for me! This is only my second big fic exchange, so I'm still getting used to everything, Yuletide was such fun I decided to do the same again!

I'll try and provide a quick run through of what I like and what I don't, though as ever optional details are optional - I've selected 'All characters' for most, if not all my fandoms, and so will be happy with pretty much anything.

I tend to read mostly m/m or f/f pairings, but that's not to say that's all I read. I've found many fantastic het and gen fics too. As I'm sure I've noted elsewhere, my only real 'no-go's are Scat/ watersports and non-con - my fandom's kinkmemes have immunised me to pretty much everything else.

I love reading angsty fics, but with a happy ending. I prefer reading about developing relationships rather than established relationships (especially when there are awkward courtships, or misunderstandings involved for extra drama).

I tend to write what I like to read, so if you are interested then I can be found at AO3 under this username or on dreamwidth under the_morningstar616.

I got into Dragon Age fairly recently, following the hype surrounding Dragon Age 2 actually, and fell in love with the world, and Bioware's character development.
I've played through Dragon age: Origins, Dragon age: Awakening and Dragon age 2, and some of the additional DLC chapters (Legacy and The Exiled Prince)

I've picked 'Any character' in this fandom because I honestly couldn't narrow it down to four characters. I'll list a few of my favourites, though feel free to write for any others too (just because they aren't mentioned doesn't mean I don't like them.)

Fenris: Fenris is arguably my favourite character in this world, (though that is mostly because of his voice..) I adore the rival-mance option with either a male or female Hawke, (though I tend to play it as a mage Hawke for extra angst.)

Anders: I love both incarnations of Anders equally, both his flippant and flirty Awakenings character, and the more serious DA2 Anders + Justice character.

Zevran: Zevran is fantastic. Most, if not all of my Wardens romanced Zev. Like Isabela I ship Zev with almost everyone, (with a soft spot for Zev/Alistair)

Isabela: Isabela is one of the best female characters I've come across in a game. I love the sarcastic side she has, and ship her with almost everyone.

Merrill: I love Merrill's innocence, and the contrast between her blood magic and the little details which show that she's not just another of the many 'evil blood mages' the game has like her getting lost in Lowtown often enough that Varric has to rescue her.

Like I said, I'd love to read anything in this world. I would prefer not to read about Oghren Sten or Shale as a love interest, and I prefer Loghain as the antagonist (I never did forgive him in any of my playthroughs..) but other than that I'd love to read anything you want to write.

If this isn't the fandom we matched on, but you're curious about Dragon Age then you can find more details at the Wiki

Devil May Cry is one of my first fandoms, certainly one of the first I started writing fic for anyway. I'm a huge fan of both the games and the anime, though never did get to read the novels. I've played DMC 1, 3 and 4, and am currently in the middle of playing DMC2.
Dante (of course) is my favourite character, and I ship him with absolutely everyone (except Trish for some reason..)

Another character I adore is Vergil, and whether you see him as a villain or even a misunderstood anti-hero I love reading the various interpretations of his character, and his interactions with Dante, especially given how very different they are.

I'd be very happy to read anything in this world, but would love something with Dante and Vergil (perhaps explaining what set Vergil on his quest for the temen-ni-gru perhaps?) Or something Dante/Nero with Dante as a reluctant mentor . Alternatively something set in the anime-'verse with Trish and Lady (either together or just being generally awesome.)

The wiki, if you're interested in this fandom, is here

And finally

Avengers Assemble Movie 'verse

I'm incredibly new to this fandom, haven't read any of the Avengers comics, (though I have seen the Iron Man, Captain America and Thor films, so I'm a little familiar with the Movie 'verse)

I love the interaction between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, and between Tony and Bruce Banner too.

One of the things I love about this fandom is just how disassociated some of the characters are from the 'real world' . I like this particularly with Steve Rogers and Thor, and if this is the fandom we matched on I'd love to read something which explores this a little more.
Perhaps something with Tony Stark teaching either of these two how to behave in 'polite society'? (as Steve's experience is a little out of date and Thor's isn't relevant away from Asgard and Tony to me is the only one with the necessary experience in high society)
In the movie I especially loved the detail of Steve trying to tip Nick Fury , and would love to see more of these little details making him realise he's completely out of his comfort zone. I'd love Steve/Tony or Tony/Thor, but again these are only suggestions.

As you've probably guessed, my favourite pairings in this fandom are involving Tony Stark in some way (I love Bruce/Tony too) though I'm still discovering a lot of what I like about this fandom and would be equally happy to read something light-hearted and gen as something fairly angsty.

I hope this is helpful, and that you'll find something in my letter which inspires you. If not though, these are only guidelines; I'll be delighted to read anything written for me! :)
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