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Dear Yuletide Writer..

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thank you for taking the time to do this. :-)  I had
lots of fun doing Yuletide last year, so have decided to
repeat the mad rush this year!

Optional details are optional, of course, but here is a
brief overview of what I like to read (and what at I don't

Fandom kinkmemes have immunised me to most things these
days, but I do still have an aversion to non-con or fics
involving cheating at all.

Other than that, I like character-driven pieces, with a
little bit of angst and a happy ending. I usually read m/m
or f/f, but that isn't all I read.

If there's a relationship involved I prefer fics focusing
on the development of the relationship rather than a
previously established relationship.

More specifically I love awkward-courtship style fics, or
anything involving misunderstandings and/or
friends-to-lovers and the difficulties in navigating that
particular road. Additionally sarcastic banter and use of
video games mechanics are always a bonus!

Generally I tend to write what I like to read too, so if
you're interested then I can be found on AO3 under this
name, or on dreamwidth under the_morningstar616.

And please don't worry if none of my ideas fit with any of
your own - I'd rather read the fic you want to write,
rather than something you wrote because it fitted my prompt
better! :-) 

The Last Remnant; Rush/David.

TLR was my first fandom, in fact this was the game which
introduced me to fandom, so I think its
fair to say that I have something of a soft spot for this
game. I've played the whole game through several times
over. I've never been able to see it as anything other than
a tragic love story either, so naturally I ship David and
Rush like burning.

Fic-wise I love anything which focuses on the developing
relationship between these two - either as friends or
something more. 

A couple of ideas I have are;

Something set post-game. Rush comes back (because I totally
believe he does, it's the only reason the ending didn't
completely break my heart!) I'd love to see them being
awkward around each other now - it's one thing to hope for
something in the heat of battle, but now there's time (and
they've been apart for a bit) are things still the same?

The fallout after the first confrontation with Hermeien,
because, let's be honest, the guy is a creep. Rush's
reaction to the offer Hermeien makes, maybe?

Or, my guilty pleasure, a fake-relationship fic: David
needs a 'companion' for an official event, and Rush is the
only option, but both of them spend the entire time trying
valiantly not to get too comfortable in the fake
relationship. Cue a little angst and many

If this wasn't what we matched on, but you're interested
then the wiki can be found here

And all the cutscenes are on YouTube (This
has all of them, I think)

Honestly though, ignore all my optional details if you
like, if this is what we matched on then I'll be happy just
to have more fic for this lovely game! :-)

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence;

The Castlevania games have been a huge favourite of mine
for ages, and Lament of Innocence was
the first game I bought for my ps2 back in the day. 

This fandom is my exception to the no non-con too, I'd love
to read something dark with Walter/Joachim or Joachim/Leon.
Joachim is a fascinating character, and anything involving
him, especially as we don't actually know much about his
backstory, would be great. 

In short in this fandom I'd love to see something
 dark and perhaps a bit obsessive. All the most
interesting characters in this game seem to be quite a bit
obsessive anyway. 

If we didn't match on this fandom, but you're interested,
then the wiki is here

Magna Carta 2;

I was late to this fandom, and there's such little fic
anyway that I'd love to see pretty much anything. I ship
Zephie/Rue and Juto/Crocell mostly.

I'd love to see something with Juto and Crocell getting to
know each other, since they're so antagonistic at the
start. Perhaps a quest which involves just the two of them
right at the height of their rivalry, or even something
after Juto's real identity is revealed for extra

With Zephie and Rue I'd love to see something with them
growing up together, how they get from being childhood
companions to a romantic relationship, or even childhood
hi-jinks with Rue being the ringleader (because despite
Zephie's position I've always imagined Rue was the more
forceful of the two)

If we didn't match on this fandom, but you're interested
then the wiki can be found here

Infinite Undiscovery;

Another of my favourite games here, and such an interesting

I have a soft spot for Edward in this game. His hero-worship
crush on Sigmund, then his developing friendship with Capell
are all so honest, such a contrast to how guarded he is when
we first meet him in-game. 

I ship Edward/Capell mostly, but also Edward/Sigmund and
Savio/Kirya (though they weren't included in the nominations,
if you want to write about them it would be a lovely bonus!)

I'd love to see something which explores the contrast between
Edward's feelings towards Sigmund and the later development
of friendship (and maybe more) with Capell. Possibly
something post-game? 

Alternatively I adore all the characters in this, so team fic
would be lovely too. Like most Yuletide fandoms there isn't
nearly enough fic of any kind about this amazing game.

If this isn't what we matched on but you'd like to know more then the wiki is here

Finally thank you for taking the time to do this. :-) please
don't worry if nothing in here strikes you. I love
reading almost anything, and anything with any of these
characters will be fantastic. 
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