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diabla616's Journal

15 October 1985
Hi, I'm very new to all of this.
I'm a bit of a fangirl (secretly of course.) And a gamer, JRPGs mostly, but every once in a while something like DMC creeps in and takes over my consoles for a while. :)
I watch Supernatural religiously, and even went to Rome for the Jus in Bello convention, and am seriously considering doing so next year. I have a bit of a crush on Misha Collins, and more of one on Jared Padelecki.
I have learnt to speak several languages, with varying degrees of success (arabic is HARD), but loved studying them all.
I write, mostly slash stuff, and fanfiction at the moment, but everyone has to start somewhere. I intend to put finished stories up here as well as on FFnet/fictionpress.